Care-room   Was Founded and created proudly as a product of  one persons journey (my journey) which spanned over a period of 27 years in the Care Industry., working hard and juggling as a mother whilst climbing the Career ladder from Trainee Care Assistant all the way up to Directorship playing a senior role in one of the industries leading corporations.

My love and Passion for Care has always remained at the forefront of every decision and every step taken along my journey. Whilst i have been fortunate to have experienced and share some great achievements with so many wonderful and inspiring people along my journey. I have also had to experience and acknowledge that these fundamental values for which i represent and hold close to my heart, can be lost the further you travel up that Career ladder .

My early experiences and the Mentor-ship that i was fortunate to have been a part of in the earliest days of my Career, taught me the true values that form, 'what i believe to be " the essential Fundamental principles that provide the platform for the making of a quality Carer, i have never lost sight of this for which i am incredibly grateful.

The Primary focus of the above mentioned Values taught to me, were always centred around the individual.

An important point to mention which played an important role in this success was Training and development for all staff. This was recognised by my mentor as being a key criteria needed to excel care quality, which in turn resulted in a natural desire and ambition from staff teams to work at achieving a leadership role in their chosen field.

It is sad to say that to date, i have not been fortunate to have experienced that same degree of passion or love for this vocation since those early days. My persistence in my mission for change has provided the catalyst that has Motivated me to begin this new journey to make those changes , and this starts here, in my objective and hunger for building a community, and i welcome you all to join me on what will be a most incredible journey. 

The 'Values' ethic taught to me by my mentor was by far a revolutionary vision, way in advance of its years,

I believe that applying these same proven principles to how we now approach person centred Care, this method of approach could make a huge positive impact. The investment in every staff member recognising their worth, always proved Paramount in the success of providing a more personalised level of quality care by recognising each residents individual need and thus appointing a most suitable key worker to ensure the best level of care is provided.

To answer the Question "WHO ARE WE" ?, i can say to you 'that i am that Individual who truly found their vocation' and would like to invite you to utilize this platform to share, signpost, educate and inspire others in the hope we can become a more aligned community.


Please feel Free to post and discuss subjects related to our Industry, lets be kind and lets always remain respectful of each other and the industry at large. We must always be considerate and maintain the confidentiality of all of those we care for ,both past and present


Our Primary Objective is  provide a place for Discussion for all members of the Care Industry to share, Signpost, educate and inspire, in the hope to Build One Big Community .



By sharing our experiences and journeys with each other we have the opportunity to inspire, support, engage and make change possible



As a collective we have the ability to create a directory of valuable resources that can be utilised by us all. Our objection for the Care-room Directory is provide a Carefully selected group of quality assured Partners that share our vision and play an active role in our quest for change. 



E what greater gift than being able to educate others, share our ideas and experiences in the hope that those who come after us continue to care and our legacy continues



Each and every one of us have the ability to make a difference lets use this platform to inspire others to value each other and be who we want to be, one voice standing together 


21st Century


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